Friday, February 11, 2005

Revolutionary Communists of Madison, Unite!

Yesterday, I discovered this political tract in my box. Wow. I didn't even know there was something called the "Revolutionary Communist Party." Did they splinter off from the Communist Party, USA, as the Workers World Party splintered from the Socialist Workers Party? Aside from their own website, the only real info I bothered to look up on them came from here. This "Bob Avakian" fellow seems to be the author of the pamplet I received, and that he's referred to as "Chairman Avakian" everywhere is just a wee bit creepy.

Anyway, what I wonder is, who distributed this pamphlet to all the boxes in the department? My department is certainly oriented to the left (with me and a tiny handful as exceptions), but hardly to the Marxist left. I don't think anyone, grad student or prof, is a Marxist. (The one guy I'm not certain about is more of an anarchist, and he wouldn't distribute propaganda). The Marxists tend to go into other places that don't demand as much rigor, like English departments.

Whoever these people are, I realized that they didn't just target my department: these pamphlets proliferated in Memorial Union as well. Weird, wild stuff. God, I love Madison!


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