Saturday, July 03, 2004

If you haven't already heard...

I'm in Vancouver from June 30-July 10, for the objectivist's Summer Seminar and Advanced Seminar. Because I'll be very busy every day, and because internet access here is tricky at best (or just too damned expensive), I won't be terribly super-connected until I return to Madison.

Hopefully, I'll be able to post my observations about this place when I get back. So far, my main impression is just that it's a weird, wacky place. It'd be different if I were in Germany, where you expect things to be very different. Canada is deceptively similar to the US - aside from the Canadian flags everywhere and the Canadian money, on the surface it looks the same. In some ways, it really is. But it's just similar enough to where when a difference arises, that difference feels disproportionately freaky. I don't know that I can quite explain it just yet.

I'll respond to my comments hopefully soon, though don't be surprised if it's not until over a week from now.


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