Thursday, August 26, 2004

Billionaires and Communists finally have it out

It's easy to get annoyed at an outfit like Billionaires for Bush. It'd be one thing if they were right - that "everything" was being privatized, instead of (for example) even traditional Republican targets like the federal Department of Education ballooning to levels that even the Clintonistas never dreamed possible. It'd also be one thing if they were just ignorant about basic economics - lots of people are - but they have to point attention to it with lame, uncreative satire hardly worth the name. If you're going to be a satire group, however misguided you may be ideologically, at least be halfway funny instead of using tired anti-rich humor that had grown stale generations ago.

I suggest, however, that there's more reason to be amused than be annoyed. After all, if there can be Billionaires for Bush, why not play up the opposite stereotype with Communists for Kerry? The Communists, in this case, at least have grains of truth behind their satire. See also here. And if what I've read lately is any indication, the Billionaires don't even have that anymore, if they ever did. While there are Communists actively supporting Kerry, billionaires aren't that wild about Bush.

All in all, the Communists for Kerry website has now replaced as my favorite Kerry website. But my favorite slogan on either side this year still remains: "John Kerry: Why the long face?"


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