Saturday, August 28, 2004

Republicans of New York, or, Militant Leftists vs Militant Pro-Lifers

There are some indications that local "progressive" organizations in New York are actively planning on being downright uncivil toward visiting Republicans. A few anarchists are even openly discussing violence. To lefties in NYC, might I offer a small suggestion? A rule of thumb, if you will? Your ediquette and strategy vs. the conventioneers should only will those maxims that fall under this principle:

"Treat Republicans in precisely the same way that you would have militant pro-life organizations treat patients at abortion clinics."

Coincidentally, it turns out that to help solidify my analogy, some leftists are having prayer vigils. Well, they're actually called "cloudbusters", but they seem to have the same social function as anti-abortion churches gathering to pray for the end of abortion, for the souls of the unborn, and all the like.


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